Polysynthesis in french

French used to be the international go-to language for international communication (hence the term for international language is lingua franca, french language) this is actually fairly common throughout the middle east, and modern turkish has the same phenomenon (ironically, in the push to de-arabize and de-persianize the language, many french loanwords had to be adopted.

Liberty's language: stephen du ponceau was a young french linguist who translated for the continental army, on his way to becoming an exemplar of liberty's advantages the patterns under discussion include polysynthesis , complementation, relativisation, parataxis and switch reference.

He defined polysynthesis in this way: polysynthesis is a method of word-building, applicable either to nominals or verbals, which not only employs juxtaposition, with aphaeresis, syncope, apocope, etc, but also words, forms of words, and significant phonetic elements which have no separate existence apart from such compounds.

Polysynthesis in the acquisition of inuit languages shanley e m allen university of kaiserslautern on the acquisition of inuit languages, often cited as a quintessential example of polysynthesis learning both an inuit language and either english or french (eastern canada) or danish (greenland) from birth (allen, 2007). A polysynthetic language is a language where you put morphemes together to convey meaning instead of saying them all separately for example, in hungarian, a lot of words look kind of like ujrakezdhetnénk, which roughly translates to we could start over.

Polysynthesis in french

I've read in routledge's the world's major languages that french is evolving towards polysynthesis its example was tu l'aimes the result of all these changes is that the sequence subject clitic + object clitic + verb stem has become a fused unit within which other elements cannot intervene, and no other combination is possible.

Is this a polysynthetic aspect of an otherwise non-polysynthetic language (pamour 14:28, 6 november 2012 (utc)) russian russian is not a polysynthetic language, and the article on russian grammar does not say that it is all indoeuropean languages can form long nominal compounds - this is not polysynthesis.

polysynthesis in french Polysynthetic language's wiki: in linguistic typology, polysynthetic languages are highly synthetic languages, ie languages in which words are composed of many morphemes (word parts that have independent meaning but may or may not be able to stand alone.
Polysynthesis in french
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